" Happiness is always an INSIDE job." - William Arthur Ward



 Maura Matarese, M.A. LMHC, R.Y.T.


* Are you feeling stuck in your life and not sure where you are going?
* Do you find yourself feeling anxious, sad, depressed, angry or confused?

* Does it seem like your relationships just aren't working?

* Has your life been deeply affected by someone with an addictive disorder?
* Do you ever engage in any addictive or compulsive behaviors just to feel better?
* Do you long to be free to be who you really are and live an authentic and meaningful life?
* Do you have creative dreams and yearnings that you wish to unblock and pursue?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please read on:

 A wise therapist once said: "The purpose of life is to be ALIVE" (Charlotte Kasl, PhD)-and yet so often we go through our days, just existing -watching from a distance as our lives pass us by -without really living! Disappointment after disappointment, and failure after failure, it's easy to develop the belief'- "there's something wrong with me". This belief often leads to deeper feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation. Sometimes addictive and compulsive behaviors around alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and sex come in to play to help manage those uncomfortable feelings - creating a complicated cycle of pain, shame and guilt. Then the hope and happiness and the life you so desire, begins to seem further and further out of reach.


I specialize in heping people who struggle with these issues.


*A Note to you*

I offer a warm, safe, caring, non-judgemental and empathic approach to therapy - offering you both support and challenge to help you grow.  I believe the best therapy integrates a holistic, multidisciplinary and phenomenological  view to the process - by paying careful attention to the biological, psychological, relational, social, cultural & existential realities of each unique individual's life. I will meet you where you are at, and help you journey to the places you desire, but may fear to go. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, addiction, eating disorders & disordered eating, grief, loss & more-  little by little and session by session you will begin to let go of the pain and burdens that hold you back. In time, these tiny shifts add up to total transformation - and you will find yourself feeling clear, happy, hopeful and free to be who you really are, and live the life that you were meant to live.


It is my hope to help you find that freedom and joy!


As a former actress and television / film producer, I also specialize in working with artists and creative professionals - helping them unblock their creativity and reach their creative goals.


And last but not least, as a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance International, I offer a mind / body  / somatic approach to therapy, as well as small private specialized yoga / therapy groups for those who are interested. 


Whatever challenges life may have brought you, it is my hope to help you find all the health, happiness and success you so desire.



Maura Matarese, M.A. LMHC, R.Y.T.

Psychotherapist & Yoga Instructor


* To learn more about my psychotherapy practice, training & clinical approach, view the psychotherapy pages above or just click here. For questions or to make an appointment, please call (978) 264-8436.


* Office Locations:

Sudbury - 365 Boston Post Road, Suite 206, (Mill Village second floor) Sudbury, MA 01776

Somerville / Cambridge - 260 Beacon St. Somerville, MA 02143


" In the middle of a crises - lies an opportunity." - Albert Einstein


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 "Maura is a talented and creative therapist. I recommend her without hesitation" - Mark Albanese, MD - Author of: Understanding Addiction as Self Medication: Finding Hope Behind the Pain.


 "I've been to other therapists, and they were good - but none have gone above and beyond the way Maura does.  She goes out of her way to do the "little extras" - that mean so much"  - Carol - Psychotherapy Client


 "Thank you for hanging in with me through all these years...You've helped me grow and become independent and strong" - Psychotherapy Client


"Maura is an amazing yoga instructor who takes yoga to a whole new level. She not only does a great job teaching the poses, but she also incorporates insightful and inspirational thoughts that help us focus on the breath and to reap the benefits of yoga beyond the class and into our daily lives." - Stacy - Yoga Client









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